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 Sirasasan is also known as kapalyasana, Vrikshasana, ViparitakaraniThere is proverb in Tamil language that for the eight linear measure of the hand, the head is important. There is also a golden saying as "that which comes as a below to the head, went off with the turban or cap". Hence the head is considered as an important part of the body.

Because the head is considered importtant it does not mean that the heart or liver or kidney are not important. In our body every organ is important. Even when one organ does not function properly there will be some of complication.The head may be taken as the control room for the entire system. Expect when lying down for sleep the hesd is always at a distance from the ground. Hence when this head is placed on the ground special benefits are got when the lion is considered as the king of forest Sirasana is the King of Asanas.

The most wonderful creation of god is that the brain is kept inside the head. when we read medical books we can know many facts on the functions of the brain. Oh! How many informations one has to grasp in the life to be a learned man. Some of the wonderful functions of the brain are as follows.



From the cradle to the grave, the brain works throughout and becomes a hand full of ash after death. There is a link between the brain and the spinal cord.

When this asana is in full pose breath gently. Some people may have a peculiar sensation in the eyes when they place their head downward and raise the legs. In such cases stop with the first stage,(i.e.) Place the head over the palm. The legs may be on the ground. When full control is got in this position raising of the legs may be taken up.

One develops remarkable memory power.Defective vision is cured. Asthma, Rheumatism, liver trouble are also cured. Above all these benefits, this asana helps to raise the Kundhalini sakthi through sushamna Nadi.

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