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 It is said many saints acquired super natural power by sitting in this asana. Perhaps an account of this the name has been given as such."Siddhi" means super natural power. Stout persons find this asana easy.

Once can conveniently sit in this pose for longer time. This asana will help to keep up brahmacharya. Because sitting is erect the internal organs are not pressed and they are kept in their natural positions.


This can be considered as a sub type under Padhmasana. This is almost the usual way many sit on the ground.One can sit in this asana for long time. Since sitting is erect the internal organs like liver, Kidneys etc. are not pressed and are in their normal positions.




The word "Suka" means pleasure, happiness what is good,comfortable etc.The very name indicates that this asana is the most convenient one for all.without any back pain one can sit in this pose for a longer duration.

In this position the legs, backbone, the hands are all supported by the cloth tied round the body.when one is not able to do Padmasana at least this asana can be done. This asana is also suitable for doing japa or meditation. Benefits of Padmasana are got by this asana also.Many would have seen the picture of Lord Ayyappa of Sabari Hill.

Pavana Mukthasana & Vama Pavana Muktasana:

There are some sub types under Sukasana, with some change. This asana is one such type. Though this comes under Sukasana as a sub type after sitting for over ten or fifteen minutes the backbone may give a forward bend and sitting errect may not be quite possible. This is an ordinary pose.

Vama Pavana Muktasana is defined as a relaxation asana.

Pavana Mukthasana and Vama Pavana Muktasana asana can be best done by lying down.Any kind of back pain will be removed. Persons who have to sit for long hours will find these asana very beneficial.A rest for about ten minuets is enough for removing any back pain. It may be noticed that in this position the backbone is completely on the ground.Hence there is relaxation.

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