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 This asana is considered as an advanced Padmasana type and some what difficult in the practicing period. To practice this asana a stool or a chair is required. After the practice session this can be removed.

The knees may give some pain in the early stage but after a few days practice there will not be pain. If there is pain gently rub the knees with some pain balm or oil.

More quantity of air goes to the lungs during this asana.Hence congestion in the lungs will be removed. There is more blood circulation. Rheumatism will be cured. Legs will have more strength. This is a beautiful asana. It is quite possible to be in this asana even up to ten minutes or more.After coming to the normal position take some rest.



Uthitha Padmasana:

In the Parvatasana we stood in Padmasana pose on the strength of the knees. In this asana we rise the body on the strength of the hands.

Since breathing is retained in the lungs, all lungs troubles are removed. The nerves in the hands and plam are nourished. when this practiced daily "catching cold" problem will not come.

Baddha Padmasana:

This is another sub type under Padhmasana.There is an opinion that this is equal to padhmasana. This will cure unnecessary big belly. Hunch back will go away. This is more or less a tapas pose.

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