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Marriage Analysis : SAMPLE REPORT


Janani Janma Soukhyanam Vardhinee Kula Sampadam
Padavi Poorva Punyanam Likhyate Janma Patrika

Dear XYZ,

Thanks for showing interest in choosing for knowing about Marriage Analysis.

Based on the informations received by us, the PREDICTIONS are

Compatibility Report:

On checking the natal charts for both of you, we have found out the compatibility points seems to be 6 points out of 10 points.

1.Relationship Analysis Report:

A. Mind Compatibility Analysis:

You are good in absorbing things and taking decisions compared to your partner. She is also good in taking decisions but at times, not able to control the mind and anger. Taking emotional decisions will lead to problems. The compatibility is quite favourable.Long term relationship & understanding will make your life smoother. There would be a sort of instinctive understanding among each other. But a minute thin line of dissatisfaction is fore seen.

B. Physical Compatibility Analysis:

Favorable. There would be a way of looking complementary in public while at the same time, keep the friendly and positive atmosphere alive at all times. A penchant to support each others actions in front of others would lead to a happy life. Romantic attraction would be high with satisfaction and desires evenly matched. Synchronization in Thinking:

Good amount of support to each other would be available if working with each other. A high level of comfort in relationship would make the home environment good. Unfortunate Combinations:

In your chart:

You have a tendency to make very quick decisions without discussing the matters with your partner. In the process sometimes unfortunate decisions might have resulted. Women’s influence mostly works for your progress. Affairs may create secret enemies around you. You expect your partner to be constantly vibrant and active, if not; you divert your affection towards others. Sometimes you would be more detached in your feelings.
In your wife’s chart:

She is ambitious, untiring, bold, stubborn, dynamic, and unmindful of enemies and dislike secretive crooked nature. She is an extrovert and independent and would like to boss over you. Her determined will and self-confidence may at times will appear to be boastful and over ambitious.

Dasa Bhukthi:

Dasa Period
Moon 1977 May 09th to 1980 April 13th
Mars 1980 April 13th to 1987 April 13th
Rahu 1987 April 13th to 2005 April 13th
Jupiter 2005 April 13th to 2021 April 13th

Dasa Bhukthi Period
Jupiter Jupiter 2005 Apr 13th to 2007 June 01st
Jupiter Saturn 2007 June 01st to 2009 Dec 13th
Jupiter Mercury 2009 Dec 13th to 2012 March 20th



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