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Life Prediction Sample Report


Janani Janma Soukhyanam Vardhinee Kula Sampadam
Padavi Poorva Punyanam Likhyate Janma Patrika

Dear XYZ,

Thanks for showing interest in choosing for knowing about your Life Prediction.

Based on the informations received by us, the details are

Date of Birth = xx-xx-19xx

Time of Birth=05:10 am

Place of Birth= Calcutta

Your planetary positions:

Sun, Mercury and Venus in Libra in the Ascendent.

Moon in Aries in the 7th house.

Saturn and Ketu in Capricon in the 4th house.

Jupiter in Aquaris in 5th house.

Venus in Ascendent Libra is retrograde.

Planetary details :


Ascendent- Libra

Sun- Vishakha

Moon –Kritika



Jupiter –Shabhisha



Your thithi & Day: Parthipada Krishnapaksha and Monday.

Based on your thithi and day, you are very enthusiastic,innovative and calculative. You have high potential of achieving the biggest of target.The mind is always given to thoughts of divising something new. You desire to put the best in all ventures you undertake.

Life Prediction 5 year Analysis :

General Forecast :

Physical Appearance :

  1. Tall and slim ,good looking and graceful appearance.
  2. Passionate, oval-face and parrot like nose.
  3. Almond eye and attractive countenance.

Mental Tendencies:
  • Fond of dress, perfumes, art and music.
  • Brilliant, intellectual and admirable.
  • Argumentative and of materialistic nature

  • Personality
  • Courteous and hospitable.
  • Kind , affectionate and impressionable nature.
  • Honest in love and have everlasting friends.

  • Detailed Forecast:

    Health: Ascendant lord Venus is in its own sign Libra therefore good health is assured. However since there is malefic effect of Saturn and Mars on the lagna, there may be periodical attack on the health during the period of these planets which may require remedial measures. Moon is in the seventh house which is not getting the sport of adjacent houses. There may be attack of depressions and distractions. The planet Moon also needs propitiation. The placement of Saturn and Ketu in the fourth house with the aspect of Mars is not indicating good results regarding health. There may be chest/ lung problems and attack of bronchitis.

    Finance: The placement of Jupiter, significant of money in the fifth house aspecting the lagna, Gazkesri yoga in the navamsa assures good financial status. The second lord Mars in the tenth and the eleventh lord sun in the lagna are indicative of good financial gains. However during the period of Saturn which is aspecting the eleventh lord sun there may be great expenditures and financial gains may diminish.

    Property and Inheritance: Saturn in the fourth house in own sign in the Capricorn self promise good property and inheritance. However Ketu in the fourth with Saturn may give rise to property dispute. You will be having much of landed and commercial properties due to aspect of Saturn in the lagna and placement of Mercury in the lagna.

    Marriage and children: Early marriage is assured due to placement of Moon in the seventh house. However the seventh lord Mars is with the Rahu and aspected by Saturn, there may be matrimonial disharmony. You will have children who will bring good name to the family and settle well in life.

    Enemies and debts: You may have secrete enemies who may disturb you occasionally. You are advised not to enter in money transaction with the friends and relatives otherwise it will be difficult for you to get back your money. You may also finance yourself from the government / banks for some projects and repay the dept from the earning out of the project.

    Age and longevity: The eighth lord Venus in own sign in the lagna and also being the lagna lord long age is assured. You will also have a peaceful manner of discarding the body / death. Business and Professions: The tenth lord Moon in the seventh and the seventh lord Mars in the tenth exchange houses. Mars and Moon are aspecting the lagna, you shall do well in the trading. The hotel business shall flourish well. You can also make gains in property dealings and through purchase of lands. You can also start dealing in liquids, dairy products, and ladies garments.

    The effects of various planets in your natal chart are

    Overall Remedies : ...


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