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Finance report for 5 years : SAMPLE REPORT

Janani Janma Soukhyanam Vardhinee Kula Sampadam
Padavi Poorva Punyanam Likhyate Janma Patrika

Finance report for 5 years

Dear XYZ,

Thanks for showing interest in choosing for knowing about your finance.

Based on the informations received by us, the PREDICTIONS are

  • Most suitable way of livelihood.

  • Own business would be the best option. There would be gain due to running your own enterprise. However you should avoid heavy investment or high overhead. A creative business more on service industry side would be a better idea than conventional business. Partnership would be suitable. Job is the next option but there is not much success due to lack of options. Professional: Not suitable.
  • Area most suitable for success.
  • Success in the following areas:
  • Dealing in white colored objects.
  • Luxury items like perfumes and Jewellry .
  • Textile and Apparel.
  • Interior decoration.
  • Agricultural product.
  • Investment :
  • whether favorable or not Saving and conventional avenues like bonds and securities: very favorable but due to your own thought pattern there might be occasion when you choose not to pursue this option.
  • Real estate:
  • Favourable but again there is lack of mental stability, which might cause losses in real estate investments. There could be option to buy with help of loans but you should avoid making sudden unplanned changes since that could cause losses.
  • Stock markets
  • and speculation should be avoided as wrong divisions are possible. Debt investment and loans could give you favorable returns. Own business would not be favorable for the purpose of profits. Major investments in own enterprise not good unless in partnership.
  • Any bad combination
  • holding back monetary success You have placement of a retrograde Jupiter, which effects both your income as well as accumulated income. Due to this there are volatile returns in money matters. Further placement of 12th Lord Saturn and retrogression of 4th Lord Venus gives you difficulties in real estate also.
  • Remedies
  • would be required. They would be in form of a daily chanting of slokas and a homa for home. However more than that you need to work on your thinking and mind set in money matters to achieve financial progress.
  • Trends over the next 5 years-

  • 2006:
    Most of the year in the first four months would have caused problem at home. Higher anxiety in property matter and pressure on account of debt and other expenses would be felt. There would be pressure throughout the year although level of stress would rise some what during August and September while some improvements due to inflows of money from real estate/cars etc. would be felt after September. Some losses in investment not ruled out after mid October till the end of the year. Under current of debt pressure will remain throughout the year.

    The mixed sort of period would continue, as there could be some reversals after May 2007. While business areas could gain if you have interest otherwise outflow of money will outstrip the inflows. Saving could get destroyed. Pressure on account of expenses will remain. Some improvement will be felt after August although the expenses will also rise simultaneously. Chances of a new activity in your career and a working option could open up beyond October. There could be improvement in spouse's income levels after August till the end of the year.

    sudden reversal and rise in financial position between January and May'2005. Overall fall in finances. Avoid all sorts of expenses and investments, as they are likely to backfire during this period. There would be an improvement after April where new avenues, efforts to make changes and further hard work would give your finances a push beyond April till the end of the year. Some possibility of purchase of a property with help of loans pressure between Feb'2008 to Aug'2008. Investment in general would improve beyond April too. Financial position and liquidity would remain low throughout the year till October. Some improvement will be felt beyond Oct'2008.

    positive financial position will remain. There would be good inflows throughout the year. You are advised not to give money on loan to close family, as there are chances of losing the money till October. Income as well as accumulated wealth would be quite favourable till August. Beyond August there would be chances of losses in business and rise in pressure of debt till the end of the year. You should avoid any business or partnership venture throughout the period. There would be expenses in money sources/gains from real estate however after November'2009.

    pressure on account of loans and losses in business present till September. There would be gains in new areas of work and job if you take up till July'2010. There would be possibility of move and further finance would improve in a very significant manner beyond September'2010. Since beyond September you would commence the period of Jupiter so finances would improves significantly even though there would be fluctuations and an element of erraticness in the years to come. Income would rise substantially beyond November.

    Income and money position would be favorable mostly throughout till May'2011. Some negative developments in debt issues should be handled cautiously.


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