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Properties of Rudraksha:

 The term Rudraksha (Rudra + aksha) literally stands for the "eyes" of Lord Shiva or Rudra implying thereby that it was pleasant to the eyes of Lord Shiva, and hence named in His honour.This reveals that the merit of Rudraksha beads were realized first by Lord Shiva Himself and He handed down the same to the benefit of the later generations.

Rudraksha beads are a plant product, containing carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and trace elements in combined form. The percentage compositions of their gaseous elements was determined by C-H-N Analyzer and by Gas chromatography. The result shows that Rudraksha beads consist of 50.031 % carbon, 0.95% nitrogen, 17.897% hydrogen and 30.53% oxygen.

In the medicinal and botanical world, Rudraksha is the purest, the most effective, useful, ancient thing which is the most popular too. It is a fruit as well as a seed . Its origin place is in Malaya, India, Java & Sumatra (Indonesia) Burma and Nepal. Rudraksha is the fruit of a tree. It grows in bunches. They bloom in May, June and ripen in September to November. It's fruit is light green in colour. It is circular like gular (fruit of banyan tree). Its pulp is hard and remains stuck to its seed. It is like blackberry. It is kept in water for a number of days and then Rudraksha is taken out after peeling off the pulp.

It's kinds are four, according to Mythological books- Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shoodra. Its division is not based on caste system but it is based on their ability to wear. But the wearing of Rudraksha of different colours by different persons are not compulsory. Even Ladies are allowed to wear Rudraksha.

The original whitish colour of Rudraksha is dyed into orange colour which is a symbolic colour of the saints and sanyasees. Orange colour Rudraksha becomes useful to all kinds of men of any age, caste, sect, religion and sex and according to one's liking for its size, colour or face (Mukh-line).It is not very difficult to recognize a real Rudraksha. On account of its increasing importance and price, it is made artificially also and these artificial Rudrakshas are also being sold in market.

Artificial Rudraksha is often made from the wild berry seeds or nuts. But in these artificial Rudraksha, no facet can be made as real as the ones that are in the genuine ones and can easily be detected by an experienced eye .

Here the facet (Mukh) means deep lining from the upper part to the lower part of Rudraksha. Looking at these deep linings-facets one can recognize real Rudraksha. There are many other criteria written to recognize Rudraksha, such as the sinking and floating of Rudraksha in the water and revolving between two coins. But it is not a correct criterion. Even an unripe but genuine Rudraksha may float in the water , and a non genuine ones made out of wood impregnated with lead may sink . Therefore, we should not bother about these suspicions and false notions. The Rudraksha should be brought seeing the faces of Rudraksha and from a genuine supplier.







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