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 Someone who desires seriously to come out of unwanted habits and live a life of purity can wear Rudrakshas and may find themselves free soon after wearing it. This has happened to many. It may happen to you also, if you strongly believe.

In general the wearer and the worshipper of Rudraksha is blessed with prosperity, peace and health. Yet there are certain precautions to be taken such as:

Clean your mala / beads regularly after an interval of 15 days. Dip in warm water.Just wipe with soft cloth. Do not rub strongly or use wire brushes. Apply some mustard oil on the beads by using a brush.

Before wearing, take mala or bead to a Shiva temple. Offer 'Special puja' and then start wearing. Monday and Thursday are considered auspicious days. If your mala is blessed prior to purchase , you can wear it chanting Om Namah Shivya a minimum of 8 times . Rudraksha is very divine and pure in its nature.Silver or strong Red / Black thread is fine.

According to our holy books Rudraksha can be worn at all times . But is should be taken off during sex , menstrual cycles , during visit to funeral grounds and during Bowel movements .

Also it is advisable to take off beads while taking bath as excess soap dehydrates the beads of the natural Oil . They need to be worn with faith , respect and love.





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