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Note: This image does not pinpoints the actual rudraksha mala hat you will receive from us since rudraksha are natural seeds.


Kuja Dosha Mala
(What is Kuja/Mangal Dosha ?)


Configuration : Gauri shankar in the centre + Three mukhi rudraksha (6) + Red Coral.
Design : Made in strong silver wire spatik beads.
Purpose :

Mangal Dosha or kuja dosha Mala is designed to remove the dosha. Gems used are red corals and Spatik crysals.

Mainly for those who are unmarried, have Mangal dosha or kuja dosha and deblitated mars.

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What is Kuja/Mangal Dosha ?
  Whenever Mars is situated in 1,2,4,7,8,12th house of a Rashi or lunar chart (Moon chart) it is called as "Manglik dosha, Kuja Dosha or Angaraka Dosha, or Manglik Dosha" in Vedic Astrology.
Resulting problems in marriage life or partnership situations.

The most significant problem is that, a person with a Kuja Dosha will not feel much physical attraction to another with Kuja Dosha.

In Match making most famous and vicious problem is Mangal Dosha. In reality, it is not Mangal Dosh but it is called sumanglik dosha , it means problem in auspicious events of marriage life. It means that problem in something auspicious or good. In other words, stoppage in something auspicious or good work is known as Mangal Dosh. This dosh is known as very big problem in married life.

This dosha affects both married and unmarried people .

A girl is considered to be a Mangalik, if the Mars is placed either in the first, fourth, seventh, eighth or twelfth house of her horoscope.

A girl having a ‘Mangalik dosha’ or ‘Vishakanya Yoga’ present in her horoscope has a threat of becoming a widow. A ‘kumbha-Vivaha’ is a must for such a girl.

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