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1.First I was a bit skeptical since I didn't know if we find the right points on my hand for the acupuncture.But during the treatment,I felt you balanced my energy and started something new in my energy. After the treatment I felt very relaxed and relived. And I also felt the connection you know what you do.You wanna help. Thanks a lot. - Ms.Scheluz, Germany.

2.As this was my first experience of acupuncture and reiki.I didn't really know what to expect. Now my current feeling is quite good, I feel very relaxed and confident that my problems will vanish, if I follow the directions and advises given. Thank you very much for your help - Mr.Janusz, Germany.

3.I'm Vinoth kumar.I have completed B.E, Mechanical from Sathyabama University (2011 batch).I came to Dr.Ajay a year back for astrology consultation.He predicted my future and suggested me lucky stones and rudraksha.He also said about Reiki on that day.

First I had no idea about Reiki, but for name sake, i came after three days.On the first session, he just explained about Reiki and started to treat me.After that session, I really felt a complete relaxation.I came to him for another 21 sessions in the other few months.

I have noted many changes in my studies, career and home.I used to get 60% in studies but after meeting him I scored 80%.I felt good and also learnt Reiki from him.I'm happy to be divinely connected because of Dr.Ajay vasant - Mr.Vinoth Kumar, Chennai.

4.No pain, not even feelings of pain. I totally forgot that I had a spinal problem. - Mr.A.Baskar, WIPRO, Minneosata, USA.

5.Dr.Ajay gave me confidence and good support during the treatment. I felt relaxed and better after the treatment. I have not had back pain after the treatment. - Mr.A.Rathinasabapathy,CUSDELIGHT, Chennai.

6.There has been a great relief of pain and feeling numbness. Even though initially I did not think this acupuncture treatment will do wonders, now after treatment I feel completely the pain and the numbness feeling have gone and it is a great relief. Thanks to Dr.Ajay who been very patient and giving appropriate treatment.
Wishing him more laurels and great future and success. - Mr.V.Gopalakrishnan,Akshaya Homes Pvt Ltd, Chennai.

7.Excellent treatment. Motivates to work towards spiritual perfection. - Mr.S.Ramalingam, HCL, Chennai.

8.Unbelievable result.My constipation and acidity totally gone.Headache got cured.Concentration power improved a lot.Overall a very good healing experience.Would recommend to my friends and relatives. - Mrs.Lalitha, House wife, Chennai.

9.Pain has dramatically gone in legs.Great treatment given. - Mrs.Nithyalakshmi - 92 yrs old, Chennai.

10.Very good treatment.I have faced improvement within a week. - Mr.Saulobortoloso - 30 yrs old, Brazil.

11.I think the IBS symptoms are at a manageable level after 21 sittings with alkaline diet, healing and acupuncture.The holistic healing has helped.The experiment shall continue, but I feel blessed to undergo this therapy. Thank you so much Dr.Ajay. - Mr.Vikram, NC, USA.

12.During the treatment and after the treatment, felt lot of improvement in energy levels.Had good mental confidence. Thanks Dr.Ajay. - Mr.Rajendra Kailasam, NC, USA.

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