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Reiki: How does it work?

 Reiki is a natural healing method "by touch".The treatment consist of the practioner placing his or her hands on the patient's body for the energy to flow between two or more people with the intent to heal and be healed.The energy is passed on to the organs through "Chakras".

Each Major chakra is associated an endocrine gland.Endocrine glands, within the physical body, synthesize hormones.Balancing of chakras with uninterrupted cosmic energy flow brings about endocrine balances (hormonal balance). When the mind is in balance, cosmic energy�s flow through the aura and chakra is uninterrupted and smooth.

Diagnosis:  Scanning the aura and chakras are done with the palm chakra of the healer.Block for the flow of cosmic energy through aura or chakra is identified. Since the healing is done by cosmic energy, unless until the mind accepts the cosmic energy, it doesn�t reach the physical body. Hence patients consent, cooperation, full faith in the healing process is required for success.Talking with the patient on his symptoms as experienced by the patient, duration of the disease, how and when it started about his background and life style, eating habits, mental make up are taken in to account for proper diagnosis.For diagnosis, no tool or machine or tests are required. Scanning the aura and chakras using palm chakras reveals the malfunctioning chakra.

Healing process:

1.Cleansing:Cleansing the aura and chakra with palms removes the blocks for the flow of cosmic energy.

2. Energising (beaming cosmic energy in to the chakras).

Energising: Healer channelises the cosmic energy from the cosmos to the patient�s chakras.The cosmic energy thus received by the patient�s chakras reaches the endocrine organs, neurotransmitters and the organs. Balanced chakras results in balancing of endocrine glands(hormonal balancing). Slowly the cosmic energy reaches the diseased organs, replaces the accumulated negative energy. As the negative energy is released, at times, the problem may appear to have aggravated. But it is called the healing crisis and it subsides once the body fully releases the negative energy.

Distant Healing: Distant healing is the reiki channel�s power to treat a person without the healer and the patient next to each other. In Reiki, intention is the key. The healer can send the energy across time and space to the patient to receive the energy. It doesn�t sound easy to believe. But that is the fact. Earth, Sun,Universe all work only because of some form of energy. It�s the same all powerful energy that can cure a simple headache.


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