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Learn Reiki: Attunement:

 In Reiki, unlike other healing systems, the master opens the chakras, connecting the student to the limitless source of universal energy. Attunement creates a healer and is called Reiki channel, empowered to channelise the universal healing energy, Reiki attunement is done at 3 levels.

I Degree attunement: Opening the crown, Ajna, Vishudha and Anahatha chakras,empowers the student to heal self and others. Self healing after attunement raises the vibrations of life force energy, enables the body to channelise the healing energy & body gradually gets rid of negative energy. All physical diseases can be healed.

II Degree attunement: Students are initiated once again and are taught traditional and nontraditional symbols. Symbols are sacred tools which enhance the healing energy. Healing Karma, distant healing, non healing use of symbols t are taught. Opening third eye enhances the psychic power, which makes distant healing possible.

III A. Advance Reiki Training (ART): Psychic surgery advance level of meditation to empower kundalini shakthi, crystal grid formation are taught.

III B. Master degree: Attunement at this level creates a Reiki master and Training to conduct I and II degree classes and spread the message of universal love is imparted.

Grand Master: Attunement at this level creates a grandmaster who then can create masters.

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