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Healing: Introduction:

 Reiki means Universal life force energy in Japanese language; "Rei" means "Universe" and "Ki" means "life force energy" .

The human body has visible physical body and an invisible auric body. The aura is the energy field diffusely distributed around the visible physical body. The aura is distributed in seven layers and the outermost layer is the outer aura of the body. The inner most layer called inner aura having the same shape as the physical body.

In the invisible inner aura seven major chakras are located. Chakras are the energy centres. Major chakras act as link between the universe and the body. Chakras located in the inner aura and are capable of breathing. When chakras spin, cosmic energy created by the supreme power is drawn in to the chakras (inhaling) and reaches the physical body. Thus the physical body becomes cosmic conscious.

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