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Dear Friends,

It is time for us to join together and pray for global health. This Universe is one and we are all brothers and sisters in this Universe. We are all connected to each other by Universal energy. Tsunami and earth quake causing devastation in Japan, have created a lot of sympathy for the people of Japan and at the same time a fear is created in every one's mind about the damage the nuclear radiation is going to cause for next few generation. It is a warning for the entire world. If we have to prevent further calamity, protect the Nature; do not destroy Nature. We are part of Nature. If we tend to destroy Nature, we cannot escape from Nature's fury.

Our heart felt sympathies are for the innocent people of Japan who are facing the devastation. Let us save the people of Japan and world from further calamities by offering our prayer simultaneously.

All friends and healers throughout the globe, it is time for us to join together and save the Universe.Heal by visualizing the entire Globe between your palms and channelize divine energy through your palms to the Globe & to Japan.

Request the Creator to save His creations from further calamities and make us live in peace.

May the Creator of the Universe protect the nature and the innocent people of Japan.

Resources related to the Japanese earthquake and tsunami.

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