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Marriage Analysis


Marriage an Indian culture:-
    Our Indian culture is the oldest and ancient cultures in the world.Marriage is regarded as one of the top ancient cultures of our country.Astrology and Marriage are inter related and Astrology play a vital role in deciding one's life partner.
    Westerners are now realising the importance of Astrology in marriage and now they have started implementing it in their personal life because a broken marriage shatters not just the two involved but also their children.
    A man/woman life without being blessed with marriage, has been deemed incomplete.It is considered as a feather in one's cap. But many marriages fail within no time.This is where astrology comes to the rescue.It provides insight about the native's basic characteristics and about his/her relationship with the partner. Now let us see the planets which governs the marital life in a human being. The planets which play a vital role in marriages are Jupiter,Venus,Mars,Rahu and Ketu. By analysing a horoscope it is possible to say
      1. The character of the native.
      2. When will the marriage take place.
      3. What will be the auspicious time
      4. The direction from which the partner will come.
      5. whether they are made for each other or not.

    The art of match making through astrology between two horoscopes is termed Compatibility. This analysis can tell you whether the native will be united together till the end of their life,will they share their emotions/happiness together etc.
    Marriage is also predicted based on the dasa bhukthi predictions.When Jupiter aspects the 2nd,7th,9th position in a hororscope,it is said that the Guru bala has started which is an auspicious time for marriage.
    By analsing the strength of the planet Venus,one can able to tell the appearance,character of the partner.
    Mars plays an important role in one's marriage.If it is placed in the 2nd,4th,7th,8th and 12th house the native is said to have Kuja dosha.Kuja Dosha has been given great importance in Indian Astrology.But there are certain other factors which are taken in to account like if mars is strong, exalted or in good position, the kuja dosha is said be nullified. If there is kuja dosha then similar type of horoscope requires for matching and there are various remedial measures that are followed to nullify the effect of Mars.

Rahu and ketu also plays a vital role in a native's maritial life.If Rahu is in the lagna and ketu in 7th house or vice versa, the native is said to have "Kalathra dosha" or Rahu,Ketu dosha. Remedies should be performed to overcome this dosha.

    The remedies by which we can overcome all the negative effects of the planets are
      1. By wearing the exact gem stone at an auspicious time and on the right finger.
      2. By wearing Rudrasksha, which is considered to be the "Eye of Lord Shiva".
      3. By Performing poojas and Homas for the Navagrahas to strengthen the planetary influence.

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