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The Areas where We will Guide :

We will guide you about the persons to be recruited in different departments after checking their horoscopes.
We will guide you about the type of business to be undertaken ( In case of New Ventures after checking the natal chart of the promotoer(s)
We will suggest you remedial measures in case the Business is not giving the desired result.
We will foretell about the good and bad periods in the Business.We will also guide you on how to react with such periods & to convert such periods in to Fruitfull periods.

Work culture :

  • Defined as combination of attitudes,relationship,developed capabilities,habits and other behavioural patterns.

Development of work culture:

  • Leadership of Top management.
  • Trust among employess.
  • Communication system.
  • Response to change.


  • Matching right people for a right kind of job.
  • Recruitment and Selection based on his intellect,confidence,Tenacity.
  • His behaviour,personality.
  • WIIFM factor.

Long Term and Short Term Plans :

  • Whether he can be motivated or self motivate.
  • If a person feels secure, he will put his heart and soul.
  • Creating right environment for individuals.
  • Whether he will work for himself and then organisation.
  • Whether he can fit for group activity.
  • Whether he can suggest ways to improve the quality and performance.

Learning Evaluation :

  • Calculation of Std Learning Index (SLI) = (Post Training - Pre training)/(100 - Pretraining) *100

  • Average SLI = Individual SLI scores of Trainees/Total number of trainers.

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