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The Areas where We will Guide :

We will guide you about the persons to be recruited in different departments after checking their horoscopes.
We will guide you about the type of business to be undertaken ( In case of New Ventures after checking the natal chart of the promotoer(s)
We will suggest you remedial measures in case the Business is not giving the desired result.
We will foretell about the good and bad periods in the Business.We will also guide you on how to react with such periods & to convert such periods in to Fruitfull periods.

HRD: Human Resource Development :

  1. It is integration of so many sub systems.It involves activities before recruitment and after retirement also.

  2. It is needed by any organisation that wants to be dynamic and growth oriented to succeed in fast changing environment.


  • To find capabilities of each employee as an individual.
  • To find capabilities in relation to his/her future role.
  • To find the Team spirit in functioning.
  • &
  • To find the Overall strength.

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