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2016 Navaratri Homa - Live Telecast

Significance :

 Navarati, the nine nights of event starts on October 02nd, 2016 after Amavasya thithi. Vijayadasami, the important day of the Navaratri falls on 11th of October 2016.

Astrouniverse performs Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati Homa from 02nd October 2016.You are requested you to participate in the homas and receive the blessings of Goddess Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati.

You can participate in Special archana performed during the nine days or in the homas. :

I Special Homam on Single Occasion:

  • Durga Homam
  • or

  • Lakshmi Homam
  • or

  • Saraswati Homam

  • will be performed during the nine days depending upon your choice. A blessed Silver coin along with Yantra will be sent with the prasada items.

    Name : Special Homam on Single Ocassion.
    List Price : $90
    Offer Price : $50.00
    (with blessed silver coin & Yantra)
    Total : $90 ($75+$10+$5)
    You Save : $40.00(45%)
    Shipping : ** Free

    II Special Homam : Durga Homam, Saraswati Homam and Lakshmi Homam will be performed during the nine days.An energised and blessed Lakshmi Padam(silver) which has important chakras and Yantras will be sent along with the prasada items.

    Name : Special Homam on Three Ocassion.
    List Price : $280
    Offer Price : $225.00
    (with blessed Lakshmi Padam & Yantra)
    Total : $280 =($225+$30)+$25 (Lakshmi Padam)
    You Save : $55.00(15%)
    Shipping : ** Free

    III Special Archana : You can participate in the Special archana which will be performed on all the nine days.

    Homam Particulars :

    Full Name * 
    Including (Mr/Ms/Miss)
    Email *
    Puja Performing Date *     
    Puja Performing For *
    To whom the Homam is to be performed
    Subscription * Special 9 Homams - $225
    Single Homam- $50
    Special Archana- $18
    Star : 
    If you dont know, choose "Dont Know".
    Country * :  
    Specify Homa :

    ** For additional $10, the prasada will be sent by speed post. You will receive it within 4-5 days.


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