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Effects of Venus retrograde:

September 21st, 2010 10.47 AM

The planet Venus turns retrograde on 8th October 2010 and returns to normal on 17th November 2010.Venus does not go retrograde in 2011.

The planet Venus represents comforts,relationships,love,art,beauty,fashion,luxury and pleasures.

So what happens when Venus turns retrograde - you see relationships gets affected, misunderstanding catch up and feelings may not be expressed in a proper way.

So what needs to be done during the retrograde movement of Venus?

Focus on the older relationships and try to make them work.Spend time to understand each other thoroughly and express true feelings.You should clarify things in the current relationship and ask genuinely for forgiveness for any mistakes.

It is also a good time for personal healing.Donations to charitable causes is encouraged during the period.

Most of the couples who have married during Venus retrograde and separated get a chance to reunite during the Venus retrograde period.

We can contact friends or other persons whom we care about in order to continue the relationship and develop our capability to love anyone unconditionally, by meditations, prayers and by any other spiritual activities.

What is definitely to avoid during this time?

During this period, it is advised not to buy jewelery or any other expensive stuff, as we might regret it later.It is also not very favourabele time to try to move a relationship forward.

Weddings, applying for new loans,opening of a fashion store, beauty salon, art gallery, launching of a women magazine,house redecorations,investments and cosmetic surgeries should be avoided.

May the creator of the Universe bless you all!


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