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Pranayama & Mudras:

December 30th, 2010 11.25 PM

Pranayama is a breathing technique which is also called as conscious breathing.During the breathing, oxygen is sent to all parts of the body and the toxins sent out through the skin and also during exhaling.

In pranayama there are three parts:

1.Pooraka which is Inhalation

2.Kumbhaka which is holding of breath &

3.Rechaka which is exhalation.

During inhalation, inhale to the required count, fill your lungs and stomach full so much so the stomach has to bulge out.Hold your breathe for the required count.When exhaling, the stomach has to tuck in.Hold your breathe for the required count.The whole process is counted as one cycle (8:4:8).Repeat it for 7 cycles.Doing pranayama daily improves blood circulation and removes toxins in our body.

Pranayama Mudra:

There are five elements in nature and the fingers represent the five elements.While doing pranayama, the five basic elements of body can be controlled as they are represented in the fingers.

The elements are:

Thumb - Fire

Index finger - Air

Middle finger - Sky or space

Ring finger - Earth

Little finger - Water

By forming the mudras using the fingers, we can not only control the five elements but also cure many diseases.This can be done in any position but sitting in a lotus position or vajrashan is good for better results.

May the creator of the Universe bless you all!



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