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Why everyone should think of King Mahabali on Onam?

August 07th, 2010 11.45 PM

Onam is the day of the return of King Mahabali to his kingdom (Kerala).Since he was attached to his kingdom and his people, he was allowed to return once a year by Lord Vishnu.

Though he was intelligent and judicious,he had ego.To remove his ego,Lord Vishnu came in the form of Vamana,a dwarf brahmin and gave him moksha.

But Why King Mahabali is adored even today?

Because of his Truthness.Without truth nothing has any value.He was prepared to offer everything,including himself to God.That is his greatness. It is not the gift of mere three feet of land. He offered himself to the Lord.

I offer all that is mine, my family, my wealth, and myself, keeping nothing for myself
Save me, Oh Lord, who has sought refuge in you. (Sanskrit sloka)

The lessons which we can learn from this story is that ego should not enter our life at any point of time.Because success and ego are inversely proportion. But when people see success at starting point of their career or when luck favours them at certain point of time, their head becomes heavier than their tummy.But with time and age, the heavier portion shifts its position.

So on Onam day, everyone should think of the sacrifices done by King Mahabali who was a man of principles, truth, love and humility.


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