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Significance of Navaratri:

October 05th, 2011

Navarati, the nine nights of event started on September 28th 2011 after Amavasya thithi and the tenth day which is the most auspicious one, Vijayadasami falls tomorrow the 06th of October.During this period, Goddess Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati are being worshiped.Performing homa during this period will be very effective as it will get rid of all difficulties. The effects of the homas are

I Durga homa is performed to get rid of marital related issues.Performing Durga homa will help invoke her blessings for your trouble free relationship in the life ahead. The sloka to be chanted during this period is

Durga Sloka:

"Yaa Devii Sarvabhuuteshhu Maatrirupena Sansthitah
Yaa Devii Sarvabhuuteshhu Shaktirupena Sansthitah
Yaa Devii Sarvabhuuteshhu Shaantirupena Sansthitah
Namastasyaih Namastasyaih Namastasyaih Namo Namah"

II Lakshmi homa is performed to get rid of debts and financial difficulties.Goddess Lakshmi is considered to have the power of bestowing on her devotees inexhaustible wealth, as she is the goddess of wealth.The sloka to be chanted during this period is

Lakshmi Sloka:

Adhilakshmi Namasthesthu Parabrahma
Swaroopine Yeshodhehi Dhanamdehi
Sarvakamamcha Dehimey Mangaley
Mangaladhare Mangalya
Manggalapradhey Mangalartham
Mangalesi Mangalyam Dehime Sadaaaa

III Saraswati homa is performed to improve our overall knowledge and skills as she is considered as the Goddess of wisdom.The sloka to be chanted during this period is

Saraswati Sloka:

Ya Kundendu Tushaara Haara Dhavalaa
Ya Shubhra Vastraavrita
Ya Veena Vara Danda Manditakara
Ya Shveta Padmaasana
Ya Brahma Achyutaha Shankara Prabrithibhih
Devai Sadaa Poojitha
Saa Maam Paatu Saraswathi Bhagavati
Nishyesha Jyaadyaapaha

In order to have all round success in life, believers seek the blessings of all three aspects of the divine femininity, hence the nine nights of worship.Performing homa on Vijayadashami (Dussehra) day is one of the most important worship one has to do in a year.



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