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Why you should thank your guru on Guru Poornima?

July 19th, 2010

Maharishi Vyasa expounded vedic studies by collecting vedic hymns of his times, classified into four parts on their use in sacrificial rites and taught them to his four disciples namely Paila, Vaisampayana, Jaimini and Sumanto. This division and editing part of vedas earned him the title "Vyasa" (Vyas - to divide, to edit).

He occupies the place as great acharya or preceptor.His birthday - "Ashadapurnima" - full moon day in the month of asadha generally in July is called as Vyasa poornima or Guru poornima.This great sacred day is adored by ascetics and the students of vedic studies as a very important day in a year. As acharya / guru plays an important role in our life, Guru Poornima is considered as sacred day to all.

This year "Guru Poornima" falls on 25th July 2010. On this day, one should honour their teacher / guru, especially the spiritual preceptors.As ashada to karthika (corresponding July to October) are considered as four months of the rainy season, sanyasis / guru were allowed to stay in one place called as Chaturmasya meaning the religious rite to be observed during the period of four months.

It is pleasant to serve the guru on this day and to gain knowledge from them.

Over the centuries due to transformation of vedic norms of chaturmasya developed into the form of Chaturmasya Vrata.The module of conventional observation is still prevalent and a person is used to take honey, milk, curd and so on.

The vrata ends with worshipping the ishta devata (favourable deity),feeding the poor people and giving them gifts.This vrata is considered to be capable of sanctioning lots of favours pertaining to the life like health, wealth, happiness and progeny.



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