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Do you know how gem stones help you?

July 23rd, 2010

To understand the effects of gem stones, we should understand about its formation and properties.Gem stones influence due to the chemical elements present in them and due to their crystalline formation.Crystals are divided into 7 crystal systems according to their point groups and there are seven chakras in our body.So both can be co - related.

When you wear the gem stone,our body receives vibrations and energy through the seven chakras.The seven colours correspond to the seven major chakras.Gem stones and their colours enable us to associate them to the colours of the chakras.


1.Violet colour stone Amethyst is associated with Sahasrara chakra (Crown Chakra)

2.Indigo colour stones Azurite and Lazurite are associated with Ajna chakra (Brow Chakra), which enhances intuitive power.

3. Blue colour stone blue sapphire is associated with Vishudha chakra (Throat Chakra).

4. Green colour stone Emerald is associated with Anahata chakra (Heart Chakra).

5.Yellow colour stones Citrine and Yellow Sapphire are associated with Manipura chakra (Solar Chakra).

6.Orange colour stone Carnelian is associated with Swadistana chakra (Sacral Chakra) &

7.Red colour stone Ruby is associated with Mooladhara chakra (Root Chakra).

Gem stones have always had the curing abilities.Gem stones contain chemical elements and minerals which our body needs. Chemical elements are useful for our metabolism since they provide the good working of our organs by eliminating toxins. Minerals are also important for the tissues. They are mainly influenced by nutritive, since they help the body to lose toxins, as well for the soul and the spirit to become pure.

Each gem stone has its own vibrations; it protects, creates harmony and energizes the chakras and the aura.Gem stones send energy through their crystalline structure,colour and our body gets that through the chakras.So its very important to use the right gem stones to activate the chakras and to see the benefits.


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