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Life Prediction Report for 5 years:

The report gives insight details about your Career, Finance, Relationships and Health. The customized report will act as a guide to analyze the impact of different planets in your life.

Career Prediction Report for 5 years:

The report gives you insight details about your career and the influence of planets in your chart. Also included are favorable dates with remedies for each period.

Marriage Analysis Report for 5 years:
The analysis gives you details about the compatability of charts and detailed report based on the natal charts.

Hindu Female Baby names

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when a child is born, they should be given an auspicious first name which will correspond to the child's Nakshatra. It is claimed that the benefit of this naming is that when the child hears this sound it generates the feeling of wholeness within the child. The child gains the feeling of comfort 'that mother is at home', wheras the wrong name can lead to feelings of isolation or alienation. Moon is associated with mother, so using this sound gives the child that comfort feeling of mother.

Each birthstar has corresponding Sanskrit sounds which would belong at the beginning of such a name. These are available under each Nakshatra, listed above. The principle technique for deducing the name is to see which nakshatra the moon is in at the moment of birth; this gives four possible sounds.

Name Meaning
Vaishali Name of an ancient city
Vallika Creeper
Vandana salute
Vanita lady
Vani Saraswati
Varsha Rain

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