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Dr.Ajay Vasant, Founder

Dr.Ajay Vasant founded in 2004 with a vision to use Holistic science as a self development technique to bring out individual skills from people and to heal people from their sufferings. During one of his visit to Mantralaya in 2002, Dr.Ajay was blessed by a saint and was asked to take up the service of promoting Holistic Science wholeheartedly.Since then, he is promoting the service.

Dr.Ajay Vasant, a B.Tech Chemical Engineering graduate and a Management professional from Harvard Business Review, has done research in Holistic science for 10 years and founded "AHAM" therapy, a therapy which gives remedies for all physical, emotional and mental ailments by strengthening of Chakras.

Dr.Ajay Vasant, a "Mind & Body Healer" & "Wellness Guru" is a member of various institutions like Council of Vedic Astrology,USA, Reiki Center of India, Sujok International and All India Alternative Medical Academy,India. He writes for several websites on articles related to holistic healing and occult science. He has participated in international seminars including the International Astrological Conference held in Delhi in March 2007, HOLICON 2010 at Hyderabad, HOLICON 2011 at Salem, Tamil Nadu and World Congress meet in Colombo during 2010 and 2011.

His tendency in serving people has made him devote his positive energies mainly towards consultation and healing. He is in the Advisory Committee of "Udavikkaram Association for the Welfare of Physically Disabled and DARE, a initiative taken by Udavikkaram in association with EXNORA.He is also the Managing Trustee of "Universal Foundation", a social organisation which aims to promote education, job opportunities among the disabled and drug less therapy.It also provides life enrichment services for senior citizens.

Awards received by Dr.Ajay:

1."Best Scientific Astrologer" award on 26th October 2003 from Tamil Nadu Cinema Kalai Manram, Chennai.

2."Siddhar Karuvurar" award on 06th January 2012 from Mrs.Gokula Indira, Honourable minister of Tamil Nadu.

3."Best Alternative Medical Practitioner" award on 01st of October 2012 by "All India Siddha Doctor's Association".

4."Best Social Service Award" on 22nd December 2012 from Mrs.Valarmathi, Honourable Social Welfare Minister of Tamil Nadu.

5."Vocational Excellence Award" in the field of Social Service by Rotary Club of Poovirinthavalli.


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